Protected area under the Habitats Directive (SCI) with code BG0001040, overlapping with an area protected under the Birds Directive – SPA BG0002002 Western Balkan. The territory of the area includes the Gorna Koria Reserve, the Chuprene Reserve, Belogradchik Rocks Protected Area, Kopren-Ravno buche Protected Site, Chuprenski Buki Protected Site, Sto Ovci Protected Site, Ravnensko Gradishte Protected Site, Samarite Protected Site, Uruchnik Protected Site, etc.

The protected area has a vast area of 219,715 ha, located in three administrative districts – Montana, Vidin, and Sofia, and in the territory of two Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water – Montana and Sofia.

The protected area is characterized by varied forest landscapes, rock and cave formations, a wide range of plant facies, many protected species of all organism groups.

The transport access can be realized via several approaches, the most scenic route being on the north side: Belogradchik – Varbovo – Dolni Lom – Chiprovtsi – Prevala – Beli Mel. From the south, the main transport access is via Petrohan and Berkovitsa.

Due to the large size of the area, there are many accommodation and boarding options to choose from, the most significant being in Belogradchik, Berkovitsa, Chiprovtsi, Chuprene, etc.

The area provides opportunities for hiking with many marked routes. Additional attractions include cultural monuments, such as mediaeval castles in Berkovitsa, Belogradchik, a Thracian fortress between the villages of Pomezhdin and Ravna, the Chiprovtsi Gradistha. Here, ecotourism is easily combined with the familiarization with the customs of the people, the culture and crafts preserved in the mountain settlements.