The Vratsa Balkan Nature Park overlaps with area with code BG0000166, protected under the Habitats Directive, an area protected under the Birds Directive – SPA BG0002053 Vratsa Balkan. Includes Vratsa Karst Reserve; Temnata Dupka Protected Area, Kolchakovets Protected Area, Vratsata Protected Area, Ledenika Protected Area, Ritlite Protected Area, Rashkov Dol Protected Area, Novata Peshtera Protected Area, Borov Kamak Protected Site, Lakatnishki Skali Protected Site, Vezhdata Protected Site.

This protected area is important for the conservation of habitats of plant and animal species. It is characterized by karst relief with various forms and specific natural habitats.

The transport access is realized from three main directions – city of Vratsa, exits from the first-class road Montana – Vratsa, as well as through the village of Lyutibrod. There are no access restrictions. There are restrictions for some tourist activities only in the Vratsa Karst reserve.

The biggest accommodation and boarding capacity is in the city of Vratsa. There are many other accommodation options in the park and the surroundings of smaller capacity.

Hiking opportunities with nine ecotrails and marked routes, a number of sightseeing spots (Zgorigrad, Alpyiski Dom, visitor centers Ritlite and Vratsa). Additional attractions include rock climbing routes, cultural monuments and historic sites, such as Vola Peak.

Nature conservation and tourism activities in the park are managed by the Directorate of the Vratsa Balkan Nature Park.