Protected area under the Habitats Directive with code BG0000199 Tsibar, overlapping with protected area under the Birds Directive BG0002104 Tsibar Marsh, BG0002007 Ibisha Island, and partially overlapping with BG0002009 Zlatia. Includes Maintained Reserve Ibisha.

The habitats of protected bird species, as well as 24 protected animal and plant species are subject to conservation.

The protected nature sites were merged in one nature tourism area because of their territorial proximity and partial overlapping. They are mainly located in Montana district; SPA Zlatia also includes Vratsa territories.

The transport access can be realized via second-class and third-class roads to the villages of Gorni Tsibar and Dolni Tsibar. Tourist services in the area are underdeveloped. Boarding and accommodation options are available in the cities of Lom and Kozloduy. The area and protected sites within its territory are suitable to include in a small vessel water tour.