Techirghiol Lake is mostly known for the therapeutic effect of the healing mud and the black healing mud extracted from the lake banks. Near this resource, the Techirghiol and Eforie Nord balneotherapy sanatoriums have been developed, where intense health tourism takes place. The lake is a unique European ecosystem, which includes salt water and freshwater, developing unique biodiversity. Thus, the diversity of bird species on the lake is an important purpose for birdwatchers.

Site conservation status: Special Bird Protection Area ROSPA0061 and a RAMSAR Site.

Manager: The Romanian Ornithological Society.

Ecosystems: aquatic, terrestrial.

Predominant classes of natural habitats: continental freshwater (N06), swamps, wetlands (N07), turbaries, widespread cereal crops (N12), meliorated pastures (N14), other arable land (N15).

Protected species: 83 bird species.

Accessibility: good (DN39, DJ383)

Accommodation options: good (205 accommodations in Eforie, 13 in Techirghiol)

Tourist flow: 165,894 tourists/year

Entertainment activities: balneotherapy, birdwatching, recreation, fishing, archery, kayaking, mountain biking.

Restrictions/natural hazards: –

Connection to other protected natural areas in the area of the study: