Turquoise waters, reeds, marshland and fish-rich lakes. We are talking about the lagoon complex Razim – Sinoe, an area of ​​approx. 863 km2, located in the southern part of the Danube Delta.

In 2007, the Razim-Sinoe area, made up of numerous freshwater lakes and maritime sand banks, was declared the Avifaunistic Special Protection Area of ​​European importance. Before the 1980s, Razim Lake communicated with the sea at the Gura Portitei point. By the order of the former communist regime engineers, large hydropower works started here. The lagoon complex was separated into two distinct units – Razim and Sinoe. The two basins were used as reservoirs of fresh water, necessary for the development of Dobrogea agriculture.

Any connection with the Black Sea was closed by artificial interventions that radically changed the habitat of fish and birds. However, these days, the protected area is populated with hundreds of bird species, some of them endangered, such as lag, red-breasted goose, pelicans and wild ducks.