Protected area Kozloduy under the Habitats Directive (SCI) with code BG0000527, which is covered by the significantly larger protected area under the Birds Directive – SPA BG0002009 Zlatia. It is a steep loess slope between the city of Kozloduy and the village of Gorni Tsibar. The ridges are covered by steppe vegetation with some endemic species. Dominant species include Stipa capillata, Artemisia campestris; endemics include Centaurea rumelica, Stachys arenariaeformis, Chamaecytisus supinus.

Kozloduy Islands area, protected under the Habitats Directive with code BG0000533 is also located nearby, covering three large islands in the Kozloduy area, occupied by forest habitats – 70%. The western part of the islands is covered with sand deposits. The islands are located in a security zone around the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. Access is restricted.

Protected Site Kozloduy is also located in the same area to the west of the city of Kozloduy, covering the Botev Park and characterized by a variety of tree species, places for recreation and observation of birds and other animals.

In contrast to the surrounding smaller settlements, there are good accommodation and boarding options in the city of Kozloduy. The close proximity of the area to the Danube River allows for a local water transport route or joining a larger Danube cruise.

Additional attractions include the cultural and historical landmarks, such as the Radetzky Ship Museum.