Area protected under the Habitats Directive (SCI) with code BG0001014, overlapping with an area protected under the Birds Directive – SPA BG0000332 Karlukovo Karst. It includes many caves declared for natural landmarks: Galabarnika Protected Area, Haydushka Cave Protected Area, Chuklite Protected Area, Chervenitsa Protected Area, Samuilitsa І and ІІ Protected Areas. Other protected areas include the Rock Formations Kuklite Protected Area, Skalnite Kukli Protected Area, Tectonic Ridge Kaleto Protected Area, Kupenite Protected Area, Waterfall on the Belikata River Protected Area, Shtarka Protected Site.

Subjects of conservation are the karst relief, karst habitats and the related protected plant and animal species. 128 bird species were identified, of which 25 were listed on the Red Data Book.

The protected area has an area of ​​28,841 ha and covers three administrative districts, two of which in the cross-border region – Vratsa and Pleven. Included in the territory of the Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water – Vratsa and Pleven.

The main directions for access are via second-class and third-class roads from the city of Roman through the village of Kunino or from the city of Cherven Bryag through the village of Reslets. From Sofia, the main route is the first-class road through Lukovit and the exit to Karlukovo (outside the CBC region).

There are good hiking and cave tourism opportunities, the area inludes the caves Prohodna, Temnata Dupka, Svirchovitsa, and the rock monastery St. Marina, the first national geopark. Multiple sightseeing spots.