The Costinesti-23 August site hosts important habitats such as the Biogenic reefs of Mytilus galloprovincialis, Hard clay strips along the coast with Pholadidae, which meets the type Pholas dactylus, Coastal and water rocks with photophore algae, where there is a great diversity of algae and three other habitats that are very rare in the Romanian Black Sea aquatory – Coarse sand with fine small stones where the waves break, rocky coasts, sands of small depth with traces of bioturbation of Arenicola and Callianassa.

The site can be reached from the Costinesti beach, there are options for diving, sport fishing, and water sports. Costinesti is a resort with many accommodation options and restaurants, offering all the necessary conditions for a long-term holiday on the Romanian Black Sea coast.

Site conservation status: a Site of Community Importance (SCI), NATURA 2000 Site – ROSCI0293.

Manager: No Director. Agency for Environmental Protection – Constanta

Ecosystems: aquatic.

Predominant classes of natural habitats: Marine areas, marine islands (N01): 1110, 1140, 1170

Protected species: 2 mammal species, 2 bird species.

Accessibility: good (DN39, DC6)

Accommodation options: good (154 accommodations in Costinesti, 1 accommodation facility on 23 August)

Tourist flow: 34,665 tourists/year

Entertainment activities: sunbathing and seawater (recreational tourism), water sports, entertainment, diving, pedal boats and boat tours, kayaking, horseback riding, ultralight flying.

Restrictions/natural hazards: floods

Connection to other protected natural areas in the area of the study: ROSPA0076 Black Sea