The Comana Nature Park, although lacking a spectacular relief, hosts exceptionally rich biodiversity and scenic landscapes. The Comana Marsh, located in the park, also called the Neajlov River Delta, attracts flocks of various bird species (141) specific to the Danube Delta, but there are two endemic species: the glossy ibis and Petroleuciscus celestis. There is also an ornithological observatory. Boat or kayak trips, zipline over the lake, powered paragliding, horse and carriage rides, and climbing are some of the activities provided by the adventure park near the Comana Nature Park.

The park also offers the possibility of excursions and walking tours with peony or thistle. The cultural attractions of the area include the Comana Monastery, the Gellu Naum House Museum and the Paper Mill Atelier Museum in Comana, the Calugareni Historical Museum. The park offers 10 theme routes, starting from Calugareni, Comana, Mihai Bravu, Islaz, Mugura- Zboiu.

Site conservation status: IUCN Category V: Protected Landscape/Seascape – Nature Park and a RAMSAR Site.

Manager: National Forestry Board Romsilva – Administration of Comana Nature Park – Municipal Enterprise.

Ecosystems: Pastures and Pannonic salt marshes and Ponto-Sarmatian steppes; Ponto-Sarmatian downy oak forest; Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa и Fraxinus excelsior (Alno-PadionAlnion incanae, Salicion albae); Loess-steppe Euro-Siberian vegetation with Quercus spp; Swamps and Pannonic salt steppes; Subcontinental peri-Pannonic shrub. Predominant classes of natural habitats: temperate European forests (91AA, 91E0, 91F0, 91I0, 91M0, 91Y0, 91A0), continental steppes (1530), still freshwater (3130, 3150, 3160), running water (3260, 3270), shrubs (40A0), pastures (6240, 6440).

Protected species: over 1,153 flora species (declared a Nature Park for 21 species), 31 fish species, 10 amphibian species, 9 reptile species, 212 bird species, 38 mammal species, 2 bat species.

Accessibility: high (DN5, DN5A, DN6 – DN5B/DJ603, DN41 – DN5A)

Accommodation options: good (3 accommodations in Comana, 1 in Calugareni and 1 in Greaca).

Tourist flow: 35,000 tourists/year (according to the Park Administration)

Entertainment activities: hiking in the woods, boat trips, weekend tourism (picnics, walking), birdwatching, science tourism, sport fishing, school camps and excursions, organized hunting, local celebrations and occasions.

Restrictions/natural hazards: –

Connection to other protected natural areas in the area of the study: ROSPA0022 Comana, ROSCI0043 Comana, ROSPA0146 Culniste River Valley