Cap Aurora is a seaside resort in the Black Sea aquatory, located between the settlements of Saturn and Olympus. The biogenic reefs of Mytilus galloprovincialis are the most important open-sea habitat, located at a depth of 30 to 45 meters, but also the fine-sand habitats at low depths. The latter are very rare and have a high conservation value. These can be visited by diving. There are a number of activities that can be practiced, such as pedal boats and boat tours, kayaking, parasailing, flying kites and other water sports. Tourist flow is high in the summer season, tourist resorts are visited by a large number of tourists.

Site conservation status: Site of Community Importance (SCI), NATURA 2000 Site – ROSCI0281.

Manager: No Director. Agency for Environmental Protection – Constanta.

Ecosystems: aquatic.

Predominant classes of natural habitats: Marine zones, marine islands (N01): sand strips (1110) and reefs (1170).

Protected species: 2 mammal species, 2 bird species.

Accessibility: good (DN39, DN39D)

Accommodation options: good (over 25 facilities in Venus, over 50 in Neptune, over 20 in Saturn and over 20 in Olympus)

Tourist flow: high (no data for this area)

Entertainment activities: sunbathing and seawater (recreational tourism), water sports, entertainment, diving, pedal boats and boat tours, kayaking, parasailing, flying kites.

Restrictions/natural hazards: –

Connection to other protected natural areas in the area of the study: ROSPA0076 Black Sea