Archar was declared protected area under the Habitats Directive (SCI) with code BG0000497. The protected area includes floodplain Danubian terraces and the surrounding sand hills with a height of 80-90 m. It also includes a Danube Island with alluvial forests. 31 protected species as per the Annexes to the Habitats Directive have been identified.

Orsoya was declared protected area under the Habitats Directive (SCI) with code BG0000182 and includes protected area under the Birds Directive – SPA BG0002006 Orsoya Fish ponds. It includes Protected Site Orsoya Fish ponds, Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) Orsoya Fish ponds. They are located in the Vidin and Montana districts and are under the jurisdiction of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Montana.

In terms of tourist exhibition and due to the territorial location, the sites were merged in Protected Nature Territory Archar-Orsoya.

The area can be reached by an paved road to the villages of Archar and Orsoya. At present, approaches to sightseeing spots along the banks of the Danube River are unattractive due to the state of the country roads and the random disposal of municipal waste. It is attractive for a boat trip and suitable to include in a water tour along the Danube.

The best accommodation and boarding options are available in the city of Vidin.

Despite the lack of designated routes, the area provides hiking opportunities thanks to the open and flat relief. There are ruins of the late Roman and early Byzantine city of Ratiaria, but these are not adequately exposed.

Breeding, migrating and wintering water birds are interesting to observe, as well as the few remaining representative habitats of plant facies on sand dunes and loess slopes above the river. The area and the protected sites within its territory are suitable to include in a small vessel water tour.