The natural area is located to the south of Constanta Municipality and 4 km away from Eforie and is the only natural reserve with sea dunes in the country. At present, the dunes are fixed with planted vegetation, but there are still some mobile and semi-mobile dunes. The species Alyssum borzaeanum is found in the area and included in the IUCN Red List as Endangered. Also to note are Convolvulus persicus, Ephedra distachya, Crambe maritima  – all classified as rare plant species.

Site conservation status: Site of Community Importance (SCI), NATURA 2000 Site – ROSCI0073, IUCN Category IV.

Manager: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Ecosystems: Sand dunes.

Predominant classes of natural habitats: Sand dunes (2110, 2130), shrubs (40A0)

Protected species: 30 plant species, 501 animal species.

Accessibility: average (DN39)

Accommodation options: good (4 accommodations in Agigea and 145 facilities in Constanta, which is 10 km away).

Tourist flow: 501,779 tourists/year

Entertainment activities: ecotourism, science tourism (for botanists), visiting the reserve

Restrictions/natural hazards:

Connection to other protected natural areas in the area of the study: –