Romanian side

In Romania, there are no hiking trails along the Danube (Baumgartner et al., 2012), but there are such in the national and nature parks of the Danube area – Zelezni Vrata Nature Park, Mehedinti Plateau Geology Park, Domogled National Park – Chernya River valley, Brela River Small Marsh Nature Park, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. These routes can be linked to the Eurovelo 6 bicycle cycling route and the road linking the parks.

Hiking and adventure route

Western route: Zelezni Vrata Nature Park – Mehedinti Plateau – Domogled National Park – Cerna River valley.

Eastern route: Danube Cliffs – Dumbraveni-Urluia River valley-Vederoasa Lake – Dobrudzha Gorges – Hadjieni Forest-Cotul Vaii – Vama Veche-2 Mai.

The western route is a tour between the Zelezni Vrata Nature Park, Mehedinti Plateau Geology Park and Domogled National Park – Valya Cherney. The followed routes are the same as with the main route. The tour starts and ends in Drobeta-Turnu Severin. The connection with Bulgaria is via the road connecting Drobeta-Turnu Severin and Vidin, namely DN56A.

The eastern route starts at Calarasi-Silistra border checkpoint and ends at Vama Veche-Durankulak border checkpoint. The followed route uses DN3 from Silistra to Pietreni, crossing the Danube Cliffs and Dumbraveni – Urluia River Valley – Vederoasa Lake. From Pietreni, the route continues on DJ222 to Dobrudzha Gorges, then to Hadjieni Forest – Cotul Vaii and leads along the coast on DJ222, DN2A, A4, DN39, DJ391. From Hadjieni Forest – Cotul Vaii, tourists take the same road back, DJ391, to Mangalia and then follow DN39 to Vama Veche – 2 Mai, and enter Bulgaria again at Vama Veche.

The main protected natural areas included in the hiking and adventure route generally offer a range of opportunities for hiking, cycling, mountaineering, diving, cave visits and other speleological, geological, and geomorphological forms, and protected landscapes.


Bulgarian side

Vidin Park

The area allows for hiking – there are two ecopaths in the Bozhuritsa area. The habitats of protected plant species are interesting to see.

Magura Cave

A show cave, which allows for hiking. The cave is visited by Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The southern entrance is established as an entry point of the organized route, with an entrance fee point, restrooms, and a restaurant. The exit and end point of the route is on the north side.

Western Balkan Mountains and Fore-Balkan

The area provides opportunities for hiking with many marked routes. Additional attractions include cultural monuments, such as mediaeval castles in Berkovitsa, Belogradchik, a Thracian fortress between the villages of Pomezhdin and Ravna, the Chiprovtsi Gradistha.

Vratsa Balkan Nature Park

Hiking opportunities with nine ecotrails and marked routes, a number of sightseeing spots (Zgorigrad, Alpyiski Dom, visitor centers Ritlite and Vratsa). Additional attractions include rock climbing routes, cultural monuments and historic sites, such as Vola Peak.

Karlukovo Karst

There are good hiking and cave tourism opportunities, the area inludes the caves Prohodna, Temnata Dupka, Svirchovitsa, and the rock monastery St. Marina, the first national geopark. Multiple sightseeing spots.

Archar – Orsoya

Despite the lack of designated routes, the area provides hiking opportunities thanks to the open and flat relief. There are ruins of the late Roman and early Byzantine city of Ratiaria, but these are not adequately exposed.

Persina Nature Park – Nikopol Plateau

In 2002, Persina Nature Park Directorate started building park infrastructure. Recreation place by the Danube River, birdwatching shelters, hiking trails, and cycling route to Protected site Kaikusha were built.

Parcul Natural Rusenski lomLomoveteOrlova chuka

The park provides good opportunities to practice cycling, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and cave tourism.


The area allows for hiking using the educational eco route Kalimok-Brashlen that was recently designated as well as cycling as part of the EuroVelo 6 route. The area and the protected sites are suitable to include in small vessel water routes.