The integrated tourist route has a common strategic nature for the development of the areas of the cross-border region and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable product.

Thus, 30 (thirty) priority protected areas were selected on both sides to be linked in a cross-border tourist route, the main theme of the route being the Danube River because the river is the common wealth of both countries.


Areas and sites representative for birdwatching, such as the Danube Cliffs with the two Areas with Special Bird Protection – Danube – Ostroave and the Harsova Cliffs on the Romanian side, and Persina Nature Park – Nikopol Plateau, on the Bulgarian side, with over 200 species of birds.


Ecotourism can play a significant part in the sustainable development and economic recovery of the region, based on the awareness and environment-friendly use of the natural resources.

Hiking and adventure

The main protected natural areas included in the hiking and adventure route generally offer a range of opportunities for hiking, cycling, mountaineering, diving, cave visits and protected landscapes.

Development and advertising of a common natural heritage product: Route “Protected natural heritage within Romania – Bulgaria cross-border area”

Objectives in Bulgaria
Objectives in Romania
Km of border

A main route connecting the priority ecotourism sites, following first-class and second-class roads, where possible. In Bulgaria, the route starts from the Danube Bridge II in the city of Vidin, crosses the sites of Magura, Belogradchik Rocks, Western Balkan Mountains, Vratsa Balkan Nature Park, Karlukovo karst, protected areas in the river valleys of Iskar, Vit, Karaboaz, Nikopol Plateau, Persina Nature Park, and Svishtov Forest. The route goes south along the Yantra River and protected natural sites in its valley, reaches the city of Veliko Tarnovo and Tvardishka Mountains, then closes a circle and heads north again.

The route crosses Rusenski Lom and after the city of Ruse, follows the Danube River to the city of Silistra, including many of the most significant Danube wetlands. In Dobrudzha, the route exits the Danube River range and heads southeast through the Suhata River, the Batova River valley to reach the Black Sea coast at the Golden Sands Nature Park. In the last section, the route follows the Black Sea coast, including all coastal areas of conservation importance to the north of Varna. It leaves the territory of Bulgaria at Durankulak border checkpoint.

Tourism Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Preliminary Study



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